Noelle (bloodyxdreamer) wrote in allto_emo,

Name- Noelle
Age- 16 years old
Home- Poughkeepsie NY
5 favorite bands- Starting Line, From Autumn to Ashes, Bane, Silverstein, and Brand New
Love life or Sex Life- I am sadly single
Emo is.....The ability to express your emotions, through music. You can't really do that with punk, rock, well, you can, but the affect is much different. Punk has an "us against the world" kind of mentality, and rock music is more sex and drugs. Emo is just being yourself, and expressing how you feel, through a variety of different styles. You have emo, screamo, acoustic emo, and their all different, yet very much the same.
Love is....a mixtrue of emotions and desires, fueled by lust, worked into a frenzy, coming and going as the sun rises and sets, thoughts racing, pondering whats next, an emotion of power, that leads to foolishness. the things done for love seem pointless in the eyes of one sober, but for thoes drunk with love its a thrill to enjoy, but is always and innevitably followed by the hangover of heartbreak. My friend wrote that to me once, and I've never forgotten it. He's a great person to talk to about love, and stuf like that.
Favorite thing to wear-Hm...I prefer lowrider jeans, a band teeshirt, a too small zip up hoodie, and pink chucks, or my black skate sneakers.
Last show you went to- Silverstein, Jupiter Sunrise, and this one punk show my friends dragged me to: Gwar. It was CRAZY. I prefer screamo shows, and not getting killed in the pit, then at the punk shows.
Single or Loved- I am single.
Ever had a broken heart? Yes.

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